I can’t do it… yet!

The Power of belief – mindset and success | Eduardo Briceno | TEDx |

What if the difference in the results you get, in the fact that you are successful or not, lays in the way you perceive your own abilities? What if mindset is the key to achieving the goals? What if we can change our abilities to think and to perform?

Watch this short TEDx speech of Eduardo Briceno that explains the difference between fixed and growth mindset.

You will not only hear that we can change the mindset, switch to the growth mindset to fulfil our potential.

You will also learn some interesting facts that the way you perceive your abilities, if you believe that these can be changed (i.e. if you think you can change your intelligence), already helps in being more successful. 

Finally, find out 3 things you can do to build growth mindset in ourselves and those around us.

Let’s switch our mindset to learning! 🙂