The best book about… communication

If you do not know it yet, I strongly encourage you to get to know the concept of radical candor.

I enclose a link to the website, where you can learn more not only about the concept of radical candor but also find a massive tool kit to implement immediately. I assure you that you don’t need an extra budget or a revolution to start practicing radical candor. On the website you will find many useful solutions that you can adapt to your reality. Therefore, I encourage you to get to know the author of Kim Scott and her book.

This book is an absolute must-read for any expert or leader leading a team. Full of practical advice, but really specific: how to communicate with the team, how to provide feedback (what can be harmful even if we think it is the best way), how to organize cooperation with the team, how to develop, how to motivate.

My passion for this book has not disappeared since reading it, and it was about half a year ago.

The most practical book I’ve read about …. talking to others. As it turns out, the key competence needed to lead people.

If you work with people you just need this book.