What if they don’t like me…?

I chose this Japanese bestseller as the first one I will describe for you, because it brought me a lot of value privately, but I also encourage you to use the conclusions in business relations. It gave me a lot of inner peace 🙂 and we can never have too much of that

Let me start with the form itself – the book is a dialogue between a philosopher who poses hypotheses and a young man questioning content. It is very light and pleasant to read, while absorbing a piece of solid knowledge from individual psychology by Alfred Adler (https://pieknoumyslu.com/alfred-adler-ojięć-psychologii/) The authors conclude that all our problems arise from interaction with other people, which is the starting point for deeper discussions. True happiness is to be given by the courage to be disliked by people, freeing ourselves from seeking acceptance from others.

It touches in an interesting way the inferiority complex and the need to be appreciated by others (popularity) resulting from obsessive comparing and the need to be better than others (superiority complex). The conclusion of entering into vertical relationships with people – we treat others as if we were better, more important. Meanwhile, horizontal (partnership) relations, regardless of the situation, eliminate most of our worries. Book focuses our attention on treating people as companions in our life, not eternal rivals.

The book inspires and shows us that despite the past, we are able to change everything and decide about our fate. It encourages you to focus on the here and now. This is a book about freedom from others and finding happiness within yourself. Personally, this reading gave me a lot of inner peace. It allowed me to let go in many fields and in many relationships, which turned out to be beneficial many times … for my head and spirit 🙂

Let me know how yours after reading!