Unconscious Bias and Intersectionality

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26th Jan, 2021 | 2:00 PM CET | 60 min

Why am I recommending this webinar to you? 

Unconscious bias can cause a lot of challenges in our life and lead many of us to create unsupported judgments in favour of or against one thing, person, or group as compared to another, in a way that is usually considered unfair.

Learning what unconscious bias is and identifying its different types can help you resist it. What is even more important, is to understand that we all have it, so raising self-awareness. Leaders in every organisation play a crucial role in creating a space of understanding, respect, and appreciation of diversity. But before we can celebrate the diversity we need to understand and act against any act of discrimination or prejudice that can be caused by biases. 

Join this important talk to gain a deeper understanding of these critical issues.

As per organisers, in this webinar you will: 

  • Learn to identify, assess and resist your own unconscious bias in order to stop putting people into boxes.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of intersectionality and how it exposes people to overlapping systems of discrimination.
  • Hear from peers and an international client panel on successful L&D solutions in other organizations.

Sounds interesting? Click the link below and join the webinar.