Why MicroLearning Is A Game Changer For Training Programs

Webinar recommendation  | eLearning Industry 

26th Jan, 2021 | 7:00 PM CET | 60 min

Why did I choose this webinar for you?

I strongly believe in the process of constant, continuous learning. I also think that the times when all-day-long, in-class workshops, as the main response to the learning needs, are gone. Learners are looking to gain knowledge on the spot, tailored to the needs in a digestible format. The response to this need is microlearning – the way of getting the knowledge in a nutshell in the format of a short video, reading materials, short tutorial, post, comment, quiz and many more. 

Microlearning allows the learner to absorb and implement the material quickly and efficiently. It can be one, solo elearning material or cover one topic in a set of several short materials for continuous learning.

As per the organisers, during this session, you will learn:

– Ways that a national research organization uses Microlearning content in its training.

– How a global manufacturing leader has made Microlearning the core of its training program.

– The story of a retail giant that put Microlearning into practice.

– Tips to make the most of Microlearning as a game-changer for training programs.

If not yet convinced or simply want to learn more, click the link below and get inspired 🙂