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Author: Anna Miazga |
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Sustainable development – these two words are currently used very frequently by companies all over the world. Everyone wants to be eco-friendly, care about human rights, ethical workplace and to be seen as a company that does not focus only on making profit. In addition to that, what is crucial in any CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy and plans is the engagement of HR departments and people development initiatives. 

A very interesting approach to the people development trends is described in the annual report “Global Human Capital Trends 2020” published by Deloitte. According to the research, a company that wants to be ready for any future challenges should prioritise the following: setting up a clear goal (embed company’s mission and values among teams, individual employees and within the company’s environment), potential (motivate employees to use their full potential and try something new, search for new development opportunities) and finally – a perspective (bold decision making in the times of VUCA). 

The trends indicated in the report are oscillating around the topics like: team cooperation and collaboration (including intergenerational teams); building values and security; building a strong organisation that is investing in its employees future on a strategic and prospective level. “Along with the constantly changing talent management strategies, and unsecurity relating to the future of the workplace, employees and employment itself, companies need to build their knowledge on the future human capital trends” we can read in the introduction to the report.  

The 9 trends mentioned in the report can be challenging for the HR and L&D departments. They definitely need to adjust their approach to people development but also look for new competencies within the HR team. This is the first step for any company that wants to start its journey towards sustainable development. 

Full report can be found here: Deloitte “Global Human Capital Trends 2020”

The „Global Human Capital Trends 2020” research was conducted among almost 9000 HR leaders and board members in 119 countries, including around 200 from Poland. The report is also based on the interviews with management team representations from the largest organisations. 

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