How should I write so that they read?

“VIRAL. How to infect with ideas and create viral content” by Piotr Bucki is a very interesting position … probably sociological 🙂

This book will be an inspiration for anyone who creates content (especially in social media) and would like it to go viral and actually be read and remembered by as many people as possible. Piotr strips away every aspect of people’s motivation to engage with and share specific content.

According to the author, the recipient’s main reaction while reading the book is supposed to be ”hey, it is about me!’. Going with this direction, when choosing the title for this post I should have written “what should I write to make them read?” so it can attract people who may have the same dilemma. Apparently, altruism and narcissism are the main drivers for any content writer.. while writing this post I really want to believe I’m more on the altruism side:)   

While reading the book some time ago, I found out about the definition of a MEM – I’ve never seen that before!  – as it turns out it is the cultural equivalent of… a GENE.

Light and practical, based on data and research – a pure gem for content readers and writers!

Let me know what you think when you read it