The world will never be slower than it is now

The world will never be slower than it is now,” wrote Beth Comstock in her book. It is hard to disagree, especially after what we have all experienced last year. The pace of change is unpredictable and we need to adapt to that.

Companies face new challenges, employees have to act without knowing any answers. To thrive in today’s world, each of us needs to start treating change as part of our daily routine.

The book “Imagine it forward” is a must-read for… actually everyone. The author shares stories from her professional career (including her position as a vice chair of General Electric) and challenges she had to face. She talks about the risks and mistakes she made and what she has learnt from them. She points out that it was the mistakes that taught her the most. Unfortunately the world and organizations still, in most cases, prefer to punish than to look for development opportunities in failures. This approach should change as soon as possible if we want to keep up with the constantly changing reality.

There are a great deal of stories in this book and I think everyone will find one that appeals to him/her the most and will be a great tip of what to do when something unknown or ambiguous comes up.

The author emphasizes how each of us can – in fact – become a “creator of a change”. No one will do that for us.  And the only thing that really stops us is fear and being attached to ‘the old’, to “what we know”- because it is easier. The question is: is it really? Are we sure?

The author of this article is our friend Agnieszka Torz. Aga is HR Lead with experience in large organizations. Working on the employee experience to create modern workplace. Focused on the people relations, organizational culture and employee engagement. Currently working with PZU as Organizational Development Lead.