On the job market again

If you find yourself on a job market again, even if it’s been a while since you’ve started to look for a new job, DON’T GIVE UP! 

Below, we will list a few tips for you to quickly get back to the job market and increase your chances of getting hired. 

1. Evaluate your skills 

Find some time to think about your experience and education and prepare a list of your strengths. Write down soft and hard competencies – it will help you to  quickly identify the job offers in line with your skillset and may help to avoid further disappointment. The more  matched your skillset with the job requirements the better chance to get a phone call from the recruiter. 

How to do it in practice?  

Once you have a list, think of two or three examples where you demonstrated each skill in action. If you look closely,  you will usually find that within each example there are a host of other related skills you employed. For instance, you might have written down “problem-solving skills when dealing with a difficult customer”, but when you break it  down you may also reveal professional customer service skills, conflict management, adaptability and flexibility. 

Self-awareness is the key! Once you know your strengths it will be easier to talk about them during the interview.

2. Think about what you’re looking for 

It’s hard to find a great next job if you don’t know what your definition of a great job is. So before you get too far into the job hunt, make sure to take a step back and really think about what you’re looking for.  

You can write up a list of what you ideally want in a job:  

  • title,  
  • responsibilities, 
  • money,  
  • the company culture,  
  • location, etc.,  

so you have a template to go for. The template gives you something to compare a job offer against so you don’t  just take anything. 

Be aware that finding the right job will be time consuming. If you want to find a new job fast, you’re going to have to put the hours in. Consider your job search as your job and dedicate your “working” hours to it.

3. Try different channels to look for a job offers

Ok, but where to look? 

There are a few ways to look for job offers: 

  1. Job sites like Pracuj.pl – easy to search for particular industries and job types 
  2. Linked.in – professional network, a great place to be noticed by the recruiters. You can click on the tab “jobs” and search job offers, but can also type some company’s name and look whether they have open vacancies. 
  3. Career sites at the companies’ websites – go straight to the company website to search for job offers. 
  4. Your network – ask your friends whether their companies look for skilled candidates, it’s a great way to find the job quicker! 
  5. Social Media – create an interesting, eye-catching ad of your skills and information that you are looking for new opportunities.

Employment agencies

You can seek employment on your own in employment / recruiting agencies like:

Jobhouse, Adecco, Randstad, Manpower – these are only a few agencies that can help you in preparing for the interview and finding a job. In addition to these globally recognised agencies, there may also be some additional agencies in your local area. 

It’s worth sending them your cv and details of the preferred job and let them help you in reaching out to employers. What’s also worth mentioning, they can negotiate the salaries on your behalf.

Career counseling

You can also seek career advice in career counseling and talent development agencies. 

There is a huge advantage of meeting with experts in recruiting and development before starting your career change or new job search. Again, there are many places on the market offering such support, including Go4Grow

Our experts from Go4Grow, with several years of experience in recruiting and people development can help you in finding yourself quickly on the job market, preparing the cv and linkedIN profile and preparing for the job interview and speaking easily about your achievements.

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4. The power of networking 

Networking is definitely one of the best ways to land a new job quickly.  

Talk to colleagues and friends who work in the same industry, and don’t be afraid to reach recruiters out on LinkedIn. If you know someone working at a company that interests you, ask for a referral. Employers love good  referrals and that’s another way you can get through the application process more quickly. 

Perhaps you’re uncomfortable asking for favors or embarrassed about your employment situation. Whatever your fears, try to keep the following in mind: 

  • It feels good to help others. Most people will gladly assist you if they can. 
  • People like to give advice and be recognized for their expertise. 
  • Almost everyone knows what it’s like to be out of work or looking for a job. They’ll empathize with your  situation. 
  • Unemployment can be isolating and stressful. By connecting with others, you’re sure to get some much needed encouragement, fellowship, and moral support.

5. How to take your job search to the next level 

Tip #1: Use Job Alerts 

You can create a job alert ie. on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor. Job alerts do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to finding the job  that’s right for you. Just enter the job title you’re looking for, the location you’re targeting and your email address, and you’ll get  personalized job search results delivered to your inbox daily. 

Tip #2: Research Everything You Can About a Company 

Learning as much as you possibly can about a company before you apply will help you decide whether or not it’s right for you. 

Tip #3 Use Your Network to Find a Job 

It’s simple- Tell EVERYONE you’re job hunting. Nobody can help you if you don’t tell people. 

Tip #4 Always Try to Get Introduced to a Company 

Any time you can get introduced directly to a company or hiring manager, you will have a much higher chance of getting the  interview. This is faster and FAR more effective than applying online, or other “cold” approach methods. 

Tip #5 Take care of yourself 

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to take care of yourself during this trying time. Finding a new job is stressful — doubly so when you’re in a rush. So take some time to meditate, exercise, listen to your favorite music, or whatever else it is that helps you  unwind — and make sure to find a support network as well.

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