The four

The Four, written by New York University professor, Scott Galloway.

The publisher proudly states on the cover- that his book was on the list of the ten most important business books in Fall 2017.


This is, in my opinion, a must-read for everyone regardless of what you do every day. This book explains how the most influential companies in the world Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook operate and how much we are part of their world of business … whether we like it or not 🙂


It is written in a very nice and down-to-earth way… for every non-economist and you really don’t need to be a ‘business shark’ to understand the presented analyses of the Big Four phenomenon. Scott describes the secret of the success of each organization individually. Based on this research, he also created a recipe for those organisations willing to be successful as a “the four” companies, it consists of 8 factors determining the success – just in case you want to know this secret 🙂


Finally, the author also attempts to analyze other great organisations in terms of 8 success factors, checking which one has a chance to be called the fifth rider (he calls the “the four” companies riders). I don’t want to ruin your fun in reading this inspiring book so will leave you with this short description only 🙂


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