Job interview – ensure you make the below traits stand out

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Job interview – ensure you make the below traits stand out:

  • Talkative. You are someone who makes conversation easily, and talks sense. You can communicate with employees at all levels within an  organisation. But you don’t beat around the bush, you get to the point quickly! 
  • Confident. You appear in control, and can deal with everyone effectively from the top to the bottom of the organisation. But you’re not  arrogant. 
  • Motivated. You get things done, you are enthusiastic, you are not afraid to ask questions. 
  • Energetic. You are someone who always gives more than the basic minimum in your work. 
  • Determined. When the going gets tough … so do you. 
  • Reliable. You always ensure the task gets done, and done well. 
  • Analytical. You consider the alternatives before reaching a conclusion. 
  • Listener. You know that the more you listen, the more you understand. 
  • Honest. The buck stops with you for your own actions, and you’re not afraid to own up to bad decisions as well as accept praise for good  ones. 
  • Ethical. You make decisions in the best interests of your employer, not yourself. 
  • Efficient. You don’t waste money, effort, resources or time.

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