Career coaching

Job market, personal brand, job interview. 

Job market

We want to help you if you are looking for new career opportunities or if you are returning to the job market after a long leave. 

We will support you in your first steps on the job market, help you in evaluating your skills and tailor the job search channels to your needs. We will share with you tips on how to get back to the job market quickly and increase your chances of getting hired. 

Building personal brand​

Popularisation of social media and competition on the job market make the brand, also personal, an essential tool for achieving success. When looking for a job it is crucial to remember that the first impression on the future employer can be made through our professional profile on the social media or application documents.

During our meeting:

  • we will help you prepare a CV, adapt it to the job offer you are interested in;
  • we will share tips on how to write a CV to make it readable and memorable;
  • we will show you tools that will help you create an attractive and interesting CV;
  • we will discuss the best practices in building a Linkedin profile;
  • we will help you create a professional profile. 

Job interview preparation​​

In the recruitment process, you will almost certainly compete with other candidates. Regardless of your qualifications and experience, potential employers want to see what impression you make and they want to get to know you better.

Remember however, that the invitation to an interview is already your first success! It means that your application documents and professional profile on social media draw attention. Now it’s time to prepare for the interview and we want to help you with that, too!

During our meeting: 

  • we will show you the tools helpful in preparing for the interview;
  • we will review together the job offer you want to apply for and prepare for the interview, matching your experience and qualifications to the employer’s requirements;
  • based on the job offer, we will help in understanding the employer’s requirements for the selected position;
  • we will discuss and practice frequently asked questions during job interviews;
  • we will help you structure your responses to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and achievements;
  • we will share useful tips on what to pay attention to during the interview, like body language; 
  • we will talk about what you can expect from this meeting, what questions to ask – as an interview is a two way process and a chance to learn more about your potential employer. 

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We offer individual career coaching sessions.