Our story

A team of three with a common passion for people and their development.

About us

We all share passion for creating new solutions by viewing the topic of people development and diversity from a complex perspective. 


Our knowledge is based on formal learning, tested and practiced in over 15 years of professional journey. 


The experience we would like to share with you comes from small and large multicultural environments, where we have designed and implemented different HR strategies and diversity & inclusion initiatives. 

If you wish to see our professional journey, please have a look at our Linkedin profiles.

Quality matters

Our approach to knowledge sharing is based on case studies. We want you to experience real life scenarios from different perspectives. 

During our meetings we offer hands-on practice, as learning by doing is the most effective way of gaining the knowledge.

We also aim for an effective, tailored to the needs program. We understand that you may be at the beginning of your professional journey, or you might already be a subject matter expert looking to enhance your knowledge or discuss some practical matters.

Hence our offer is diversified, and responds to the needs of both beginners and experts through different levels of complexity. Choose us as your partners through the whole learning journey or select the subject level of your interest.

Check our offer: 

Hand of engineer playing a blocks wood tower game (jenga) on blueprint or architectural project

Super Efficient

Deeply Commited

Highly Skilled

Joanna Winkowska

I have always been professionally connected with people development in the organisations. Over the time my experience has been enriched with employee engagement, communication, EB, CSR and inclusion & diversity. I want also to share the employer’s perspective in the recruitment process. I will help you with the necessary documents and to prepare to the meeting with the recruiter.

My main driver to work is the believe that human capital determines the competitive advantage of the organisation.

I am looking forward to our meeting, I hope I help you grow.



Joanna Ciecierska

I am experienced Head Of People Development, passionate about creating a space for knowledge and experience sharing, building engagement and supporting people development. I also consider it crucial to value diversity in the workplace and to build an inclusive environment based on mutual respect.

Having an opportunity to support you in your own development and to help you in building in your organisation a culture of knowledge, development and embracing diversity is something I am looking forward to. 

If you are looking for new challenges in your professional career, I will be happy to share my own and the employer’s perspective and help you in increasing your chances of getting hired.


Katarzyna Skrzypkowska

For years, I have been professionally involved in the HR world. The role of the HR Business Partner in international organizations has allowed me to gain experience in creating solutions and strategies tailored to the changing job market, mainly in the area of attracting employees, retaining them in the organization and developing at every level of their professional career.

Thanks to my vast experience in the recruitment industry, I can help you find yourself in the dynamic world of a job market.
My motto has always been “business and people”- combining the business environment with a more human touch. I am happy to share with you my knowledge and experience about a job search, the recruitment process itself and self-development, revealing the secrets of the business perspective.