Learning & Development

The offer is divided into 3 modules enabling you to pick the one most suited to your level.

L&D Explorer

This module is perfect for those who have just started to work in the development area or simply want to change the career track into L&D direction. It also benefits a person responsible for development projects in their organisation.

After completion of the module you will be able to: 

  • define the competences useful to work as L&D specialist/ manager nowadays;
  • conduct learning needs analysis/define competence gap;
  • create a solution reflecting the LNA results (70/20/10, Kolbe);
  • evaluate the solution (Kirkpatrick);
  • build a learning portfolio;
  • plan learning promotion activities;
  • design an optimal L&D annual calendar;
  • explain the newest L&D market trends.

L&D Specialist

This module is the continuation of the L&D Explorer. We expect you to understand and successfully apply the content of the first module before joining. The L&D Specialist module is most beneficial to a person wanting to compose development solutions and start managing certain areas of L&D.

After completion of the module you will be able to: 

  • define the difference between training and development process;
  • design an effective development process for targeted group i.e. leaders, talents, onboarding;
  • manage the knowledge sharing process within an organisation (trainers, guilds, internal social media etc);
  • manage a training budget;
  • implement and consume LMS.


L&D Business Partner

This module provides a great opportunity to connect with other experienced L&D professionals, whereas the main goal is to work on a strategic approach to L&D. It is especially dedicated for managers and business partners. As a prerequisite, participants should understand and demonstrate success in applying content from module 1 and 2. 

After completion of the module you will be able to: 

  • manage external learning vendors;
  • be a consultant/business partner while conducting learning needs analysis;
  • implement the newest L&D trends into organisation development strategy;
  • analyse learning data to prove the added value of L&D to the organisation;
  • design the L&D policy within an organisation.


If you decide to take the whole L&D journey with us, we will offer a special price of 1800 PLN net per person in total. 

The cost of on-site group sessions will be discussed individually. 

Let's work together on Your project

We can provide individual consultation on the L&D projects/transformations.